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see if you know as much as you think you do...

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Welcome to hp_trivia! This is the place to see if you really know as much about Harry Potter as you think you do....

(x)There will be ten questions for each series, with approximately 48 hours to answer each.
(x)Question material will come from all the Harry Potter books (including Order of the Phoenix), the movies, as well as trivia on the actors in the movies. Unless stated in the question you should assume the sought after answer comes from the books.
(x)Question difficulty will vary. Don't panic when a question you don't know the answer to the questions because the next one will probably be easy.
(x)Each question is worth one point unless otherwise stated.
(x)There will occasionally be bonus point questions worth two points.
(x)Only one answer per user, per question.
(x)At the end of each series gwenlister will announce a winner determined by the number of points obtained and award them a banner they can proudly display in their journal. If there is a tie a knock-out period will commence to determine one winner. If after the knockout round there isn't one winner a tie will be declared.

Please note - unless otherwise specified the questions will be based from the books, not the movies.

1. NO CHEATING! It seems like an obvious rule but it needs stating. There is to be no discussion of the current question in the comments. Any user found cheating will be warned then banned. Please report any problems to gwenlister

2. NO WHINING WHEN YOU GET A QUESTION WRONG! If you get it wrong, don't complain that you were close or that was what you meant to answer. There are nine other questions in that series (and possibly bonus questions), giving you lots of oppotunity to regain that point. If you would like clarification for why your answer was wrong I'll be glad to tell you. :)

Any problems, suggestions, or praise can be directed to gwenlister or a comment can be left in this post.

If you love any of the icons gwenlister posts questions with go to her icon journal, portkeyicons, and chances are it'll be there for the taking. If it isn't, you can ask her if its a shared icon. :)

Current scores can be found here.

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Series 5 - winners were veritaserum and acciofirebolt (I deleted the scores by accident)
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